Breach of Regulations

Regarding holiday cottages, public houses etc during the period of the ‘lockdown’.

The parish council has received a few complaints regarding possible breaches of the government regulations during the period of the ‘lockdown’. These have been forwarded to the local authority; however, the parish council has now received the following statement from Derbyshire County Council (DCC):

DCC is being inundated with complaints on many aspects of COVID (as well as our regular work) and it causes extra work if people come to us directly. Citizens Advice are paid by the government to take calls from consumers all over the country. They log them, give advice if possible and refer all of the complaints to the relevant Trading Standards, directly into our database. We consider them all on a daily basis and take whatever action is necessary.

Please, therefore, report any breaches of regulations directly to the following service:

Citizens Advice Consumer Service 0808 223 1133

You can also chat online or complete an online form. You can be anonymous.

S Hampson
Hartington Nether Quarter Parish Council

15th April 2020

Waste & Recycling Collections

During Coronavirus Outbreak

Staff absences and social distancing measures mean some bin collections are currently subject to change.

Garden waste collections are suspended from Friday 27 March and food waste collections are now fortnightly (with your general waste collection).

Our aim is to focus on general waste and recycling collections, but please note these may not always happen to schedule.

Your patience is appreciated.
Thank you

Snow Warden Required

The parish council is seeking contact from interested parties in becoming a snow warden for the village of Biggin.

This voluntary position would include training through Derbyshire County Council (DCC) and primarily includes clearing snow from village pavements and footpaths during periods of snow. Some free grit will be provided by DCC as part of this scheme. The scheme is not concerned with clearing roads.

If this position is of interest then please approach one of the parish Councillors or contact the Clerk via the ‘Contact Form’ on our Contact Us Page.