The purchase of the Exclusive Right of Burial in a single grave
(Grave size 2,400 mm x 1,200 mm)
£643.00 £1,286.00
The interment fee in that grave for a person over the age of 16 years £422.00 £844.00
 Total £1,065.00 £2,130.00
The interment fee of a still born child (or child less than 1 month) NIL NIL
The interment fee in that grave (for a person over 1 month but less than 16 years NIL NIL
The purchase of the Exclusive Right of Burial in the Garden of
Remembrance for cremated remains (Grave size 450 mm x 300 mm)
This to apply to each burial of cremated remains i.e. 2 in one space
£207.00 £414.00
The interment fee in the Garden of Remembrance NIL NIL
The interment fee for a casket of ashes on top of a coffin in an
Existing purchased grave (size 2,400 x 1200 mm)
£152.00 £304.00
The Right to Scatter Ashes £53.50 £107.00

Single charges apply to parishioners.  For non-parishioners (not on electoral roll), fees will be DOUBLED as shown above.  If the deceased’s last residence prior to being admitted to a nursing home/hospital was that of a parishioner, then single fees will apply.  This is at the discretion of the Parish Council.

PLEASE NOTE that there is no resident gravedigger at the cemetery and therefore the undertaker shall obtain the correct numbered grave space and will make arrangements for the gravedigger at an additional arranged fee to the above fees.  The grave-digging fee is not paid to the Parish Council but collected by the undertaker.  Interments should be made Monday – Friday between the hours of 10.00 am and 3.30 pm.  Additional charges may be incurred for burials outside these normal hours.

All applications for Hartington Town Quarter PC Cemetery must be made to the Clerk to the Parish Council:

Mrs S Hampson Cert H. Ed, Dip RSA
telephone number (01335) 310409

All fees must be made payable to Hartington Town Quarter Parish Council.  Will undertakers please ensure that the appropriate fee accompanies the “Green Certificate of Disposal”, “Coroners Certificate” or “Certificate for Disposal of Cremated Remains” or is forwarded prior to the day of the interment.

Will undertakers please note that all surplus stone etc must be removed completely away from the burial ground immediately after the grave has been filled in.  The surface of the burial plot must be left flat (except for a small amount to allow for sinkage) and not raised.

To prevent future confusion, will undertakers please advise their clients that the Clerk to the Parish Council must be approached for up-to-date details and fees in regard to memorials etc before applying to a stone mason and the erection of any memorial, as restrictions apply to materials, size and type allowed in the cemetery.

The Parish Council reserves the right to amend the above fees and conditions at any time. and conditions at any time.