A meeting of Hartington Nether Quarter Parish Council
was held on Monday, 2nd December 2019 at 7.30pm
in Biggin Village Hall

Present:  J Coles, S McCurrach, S Griffiths, M Heathcote, P Tapping and the clerk, S Hampson.  There were no members of the public in attendance.

Part 1 non-confidential information

19.12.1 Apologies
Apologies had been received in advance of the meeting from D Currington,

19.12.2 Declaration of personal/prejudicial interest of councillors
There was no need, by any member present, to declare an interest in any of the agenda items.

19.12.3 Minutes of the previous meeting
The minutes of the previous meeting had been displayed on the noticeboard and forwarded to the members and the parish council’s website in advance of the meeting.

Resolved:  To accept the minutes as a true record of proceedings (Prop: SG, Sec: PT)

19.12.4 Matters arising from pre-meeting
A horse had been ridden at the rear of the assembly at the War Memorial on Remembrance Day but others had adhered to the road closure.

Two street lights were reported as not working adjacent to the Pinfold on Drury Lane and a report received from a member of the public of hazardous conditions walking along this area in the dark due in part to the above lights not working and part-night street lighting.

Resolved:  the clerk to report the unlit street lights and request for confirmation of part-night street lamp details in the village.

Resolved:  The clerk to contact the former parish council chairman for a list of street lights which was being compiled.

19.12.5 Public speaking procedures document
There were no members of the public in attendance.

19.12.6 Public speaking
As above

19.12.7 PCSO update
There was no update.

19.12.8 Grit bins
The parish council grit bins at Percival Close and Greenhead Crescent were reported as full.  The bin at Heathcote is approximately half full.  It was explained that the snow warden scheme cannot be used to address gritting the ascent from Heathcote Mere to the top of the hill.  There are no pavements in Heathcote which means the scheme cannot legitimately operate in this hamlet.

Resolved:  to use some of the grit left from the scheme operating in Biggin to top up the bin in Heathcote.  Mr Heathcote to collect.

19.12.9 War Memorial
It was reported that the lettering on the War Memorial has deteriorated and peeling in places.  It is not all the same colour, some gold and some black.  The clerk questioned if this was to distinguish between the two wars.  The War Memorial may also benefit from cleaning. The re-lettering process should probably be undertaken by a professional.

Resolved: The clerk to contact a resident and church warden who may be able to provide the rationale behind the two different coloured letterings.

Resolved:  The clerk to begin enquiries with monumental masons about the re-lettering.

19.12.10 BT Phone box
The clerk had lodged the request with Derbyshire Dales District Council (DDDC) to retain the phone box in the village.  The phone box is in quite a poor state.

19.12.11 Tree Surgery
This is scheduled to take place December.

It was reported that the primary school had applied to the Woodland Trust for some trees to plant.  The school has a surplus of these trees and had approached members of the parish council to ascertain if these could be used by the parish council.  The school children would like to be able to see the trees when they are grown.  Some can be planted in the playground area.  Members considered planting appropriate species in the parish council cemetery along the rear wall and possibly behind the Remembrance Wall.

Resolved:  the clerk to seek permission to plant in the parish council cemetery and to receive a response before the school breaks up for Christmas.

19.12.12 Defibrillator registration with EMAS (East Midlands Ambulance Service)
The clerk had contacted the local first responders regarding registration with EMAS but they suggested that person responsible for regularly checking should consider this. Members discussed that the defibrillator is not kept in a locked cabinet and as such, access codes are not necessary from EMAS.

Resolved:  to place a notice inside the defibrillator cabinet informing users to advise Mr Griffiths to enable replacement pads to be ordered.

19.12.13 Village Christmas Tree
The clerk had completed an on line grant application for £150 with DDDC for costs involved in achieving a village Christmas tree with lights.  The outcome had not been determined in time for the meeting.  A risk assessment had been put in place by Biggin Village Hall.  Members were very grateful to Mr Tapping for sourcing the tree and to Mr Lovatt and Mr Mycock for ensuring the tree was successfully and safely erected in the pinfold.  Mr Tapping had ensured that the Pinfold gate was secured to prevent public access.

Resolved:  the clerk to send thank you letters to those concerned in erecting the tree.

19.12.14 Police Commissioner Visit
The clerk had been sent three dates to choose from for a forthcoming evening meeting with the Police Commissioner.  Members selected Tuesday, 14th January 2020 at 7.30 pm.

Resolved:  The clerk to confirm the chosen date; request publicity material, invite District and County Councillors and possibly the new MP  to attend.  Mr Tapping to book the village hall for the event.

Members reported some further incidents within the village involving suspicious vehicles and damage.  Police have suggested having CCTV facing the highway.

19.12.15 Highway issues and signs
After a considerable period of time, Derbyshire County Council (DCC) had not forwarded details of alternative attractive name signs.

Resolved:  to contact the County Councillor regarding the lack of communication over this issue.

19.12.16 Items of account, salaries, grounds person, HMRC, Peak Park Parishes Forum, band concert donation

Cq 1160 S Hampson December internet provision £10.00
Cq 1161 S Hampson January internet provision £10.00
Cq 1162 S Hampson Reimb. of expenses £10.02
Cq 1163 S Hampson December clerk’s salary £182.57
Cq 1164 S Hampson January clerk’s salary £182.57
Cq 1165 HMRC Quarter 3 income tax £188.40
Cq 1166 S McCurrach Reimb. for Remembrance Day Refreshments £12.20
Cq 1167 Shelter Maintenance Bus shelters cleaning service £21.00 (VAT £3.50)
Cq 1168 Biggin Village Hall Donation to band concert  (Section 137) £100.00

Resolved:  not to join Peak Park Parishes Forum until April as the membership year runs from April to March.

19.12.17 Planning applications, planning sub-committee and appeals
A planning officer had contacted the clerk regarding a previous planning application at Croft Farm for change of use from holiday accommodation to local needs housing.  Members discussed this.

Resolved:  to advise the officer that the parish council would like to see the accommodation to remain for the purpose of local needs affordable housing in perpetuity.

Members discussed plans for an extension at Biggin Hall.

Resolved:  to support the application and submit members’ comments including:

the application appears to be a well thought out design which compliments the existing building which will create more dining space for weddings at the venue.  This elevation is not overlooked so there is no detrimental impact.  Biggin Hall employs a lot of local people so this would potentially attract more business and visitors to the area.

One member commented; however, that more traditional material on the roof extension would look better than the zinc standing seam.

19.12.18 Correspondence and electronic communication
Correspondence details had been forwarded to members in advance of the meeting and included:  DALC circulars

Mr Tapping apologised to other members for including their email addresses to members of Biggin Village Hall Committee.

19.12.19 Items for the next agenda
Heathcote Mere interpretation panel and plinth, tree surgery, snow warden and grit bins, village signs, police commissioner event, mowing contract, budget items for precept, VE Day. Additional items to be compiled by the clerk.

19.12.20 Date of the next meeting
Monday, 3rd February 2020.  The parish council does not meet in January.

Part 2 Confidential information

19.12.21 Heathcote Mere plinth
Resolved:  Mrs Currington to approach the person concerned put in writing, their quote to attend to the stone at Heathcote in connection with the interpretation panel.

19.12.22 Mowing contract
Members discussed aspects of the requirements of the new contract including the need to pick up clippings in the cemetery and a number of suitable contractors to approach.

The meeting was declared closed at 9.10 pm

Mrs S Hampson
10th December 2019
©Hartington Nether Quarter Parish Council minutes remain draft until approved by the parish council at the next meeting