A meeting of Hartington Nether Quarter Parish Council
was held on Monday, 5th February 2018 at 
7.30 pm in Biggin Village Hall.

Present:  J Bonsall, S McCurrach, J Coles, D Prince, D Currington and the clerk, S Hampson. There were no members of the public in attendance.

Part 1 non-confidential information

18.2.1 Apologies
Apologies had been received in advance of the meeting from Mrs J Brindley and District Councillor Sir Richard Fitzherbert.

18.2.2 Declaration of personal/prejudicial interest of councilors
There was no need, by any member present at the meeting, to complete an entry in the register.

18.2.3 Minutes of the previous meeting
These were accepted as a true record of proceedings and signed in the meeting by Mrs Bonsall
(Prop SH, Sec JC)

18.2.4 Matters arising from pre-meeting
The clerk had received details of a street light that was not working at Greenhead Crescent.  The clerk had subsequently reported this to Derbyshire County Council (DCC) and a job has been raised to fix it.  Mrs Bonsall reported another street light needing attention.  Mrs McCurrach reported that a street light near her property was still not working.

Resolved:  The clerk to report these additional lighting issues to the Street Lighting team at DCC.

The clerk had also reported a large pothole in the vicinity of Green Head Farm.  DCC had responded to previous reports from the clerk regarding the flooding at Liffs Road and the condition of Back Lane.  The highways inspector has advised that there are actionable defects on Back Lane and flooding at Liffs Road will be monitored.  DCC will replace the signs at Washmere Corner.  A member advised that there had been at least one accident at Washmere Corner resulting in a vehicle hitting a wall at this vicinity.

Resolved:  The clerk to advise DCC of the accidents at Washmere Corner to raise further awareness of the persistent problem at this location.

A broken gate was reported on the area between Grange Lane and the Waterloo.  Members were not totally sure who was responsible for this – the land owner or the Peak District National Park Authority (PDNPA) Ranger service.

Resolved:  The clerk to make enquiries with the Ranger Service

18.2.5 Public speaking procedures document
There were no members of the public in attendance.

18.2.6 Public speaking
There were no members of the public in attendance.

18.2.7 Defibrillator relocation, electricity supply and insurance
The clerk had received communication from the person who presently has the defibrillator located at her property for the benefit of the whole community.  She had advised the clerk that after due consideration she would like the community defibrillator relocated elsewhere.  Some members were extremely saddened by this.  Members think that a relocation must not be entered into lightly due to potential for vandalism at other areas.  Members considered pursuing a relocation to the Percival Close Flats; however, this had been declined by the housing association some time ago due to changing the entrance but this has still not taken place.  It was reported that sometimes barbecues take place close to the area being considered which may also make this an unsuitable site.  Another member offered to have the defibrillator at her property.  A possible relocation to the primary school was also discussed.

The clerk had contacted the parish council’s insurance company regarding the relocation.  It seems in order to relocate but a risk assessment would need to be created and kept.  The insurance company also require an up to date asset register for their ‘All risk’ items schedule.  The parish council would have to have responsibility for this.

Resolved:  Mrs McCurrach to approach the primary school regarding the defibrillator.

On a separate note concerning defibrillators, a resident from Heathcote had contacted the clerk regarding a defibrillator in Heathcote.  The clerk had advised that other defibrillator in Biggin and the future one in Pikehall had not been purchased through parish council funds but through charitable donations.

A resident from Pikehall had spoken to the clerk on the evening of the meeting and provided an update on the defibrillator proposed for Pikehall.  She has purchased the redundant telephone kiosk at Pikehall for £1.00 and has secured a pledge from the Why Not Festival organisers in the sum of £1,000 plus existing donations towards its purchase.  Securing a bank account is proving more difficult.  She will continue to keep the parish council informed of developments.

18.2.8 Heathcote Mere plinth and interpretation panel
The clerk had received an email from the contact involved with the production of the panel.  She confirmed that she had spoken with Peak District National Park Authority (PDNPA) and planning permission will not be required for an A1 sized panel.  A design brief has been sent out and the parish council will be advised of costs once received.  Approximately 30 drawings have been completed by the school.  This volume would be too difficult to incorporate into the panel but as referred to in previous minutes could be incorporated into a banner which could be displayed at the school and possibly, in the village hall.  An estimate of costs had been received for approximately £2,155 + VAT on some of this.  The person involved in the organisation of the interpretation panel had now left the employ of PDNPA and her costs seemed quite expensive.

Resolved:  The clerk to contact PDNPA to see if her position had been replaced and whether any charges had been incurred at the PDNPA on this project.  If the position has been refilled then perhaps costs could be reduced this way.  The present estimate of costs would be in excess of the parish council’s financial regulations for one quote.

Mrs Brindley brought an illustration drawn by a local artist depicting an historic scene at the mere.

18.2.9 Grit bins
The clerk had established through DCC that Dales Housing had adopted the grit bin to the rear of the housing association properties bordering Main Street, Biggin.  The clerk subsequently contacted the housing association regarding their responsibility.  The first response had been less than satisfactory as they said that it was their policy not to refill grit bins replace them when damaged.  The clerk had challenged their duty of care over this.  Subsequently, the housing association had forwarded a further email saying they would continue to refill the bin.  A Heathcote resident had kindly checked the grit bin at Heathcote and at the time of reporting, there was sufficient grit in the bin.

The clerk had received an enquiry from a member of the public regarding the possibility of acquiring an additional grit bin at the church corner.

Resolved: To approach DCC to request a new grit bin to be placed at the side of the bus shelter on Main Street.

18.2.10 Items of account, salaries, grounds person, HMRC

Cq 1016 S Hampson Reimbursement for purchase of council laptop £588.01 (VAT £98)
Cq 1017 S Hampson February Internet Provision £10.00
Cq 1018 S Hampson February Clerk’s Salary £179.19
Cq 1019 G Tilson February Grounds Person Salary £96.63
Cq 1020 J Griffiths Reimbursement for defibrillator electricity supply | *deferred until the defibrillator is located £*
Cq 1021 S Hampson Reimbursement of expenses Dec & Jan £31.79

Burial income had also been received for a memorial headstone and two burials.  This has resulted in a significant increase in the parish council’s reserves.

DALC Circular 15/2107 had been received including details of the new external auditors, clerk’s salary increases and the possible requirement of future payments to a National Data Protection Officer to comply with legislation.  HMRC had advised the clerk that there would be a change to the parish council’s VAT reference.

18.2.11 Planning applications, planning sub-committee and appeals
An application had been received for an extension at Birdsgrove, Main Street, Biggin for an extension. A further application had been received for a caravan site for 9 caravans at Bank Top.

Resolved:  To approve both of the above applications.

Plans had been granted for the female toilet block at Newhaven Caravan Park, listed building consent at the Old Smithy for internal and external alterations and for the single storey wooden garden room on Drury Lane.  Mrs Bonsall enquired if permission had been previously received for the Ivy House to fill in a dew pond to the rear of the council houses at Newhaven.

Resolved:  The clerk to contact PDNPA regarding the dew pond at Newhaven near the Ivy House.

18.2.12 War Memorial Trees
The tree surgeon recently appointed to carry out tree surgery work in Biggin had liaised with the clerk regarding the final attention to the War Memorial trees.  After an initial plan to attend to these immediately he had advised the clerk that it would be preferable to cut the trees in March.

18.2.13 Correspondence and Communication
A Heathcote resident had sent a communication requesting the minute reference regarding alleged damage in Heathcote referred to in the December minutes but these were again repeat allegations concerning the same individuals.  Subsequent to this, further emails insulting both members of the parish council and the clerk had been received.  The clerk had sent a personal response and had copied in the monitoring officer from Derbyshire Dales District Council (DDDC).  She had also communicated with the District Councillor.  Some of these emails had been emails forwarded from an entirely different resident with copy email addresses of other Heathcote residents incorporated.  Members of the parish council were extremely concerned by this and the potential breach of data protection.  Members discussed contacting the police regarding this matter.  A grant has been received in Heathcote and numerous daffodil bulbs have kindly been planted.

Resolved:  The clerk to contact the individual residents of Heathcote subjected to the potential breach of data protection.

Resolved:  The clerk to contact the resident of Heathcote who had send the emails insulting the clerk and councillors and to advise him of the course of action above and to advise that the emails were in fact a defamation of character and to direct him to the parish council’s website.

A request from the chairman of Biggin Village Hall Committee for the parish council to consider trusteeship for Biggin Village Hall.  Mrs Currington is also a member of the village hall committee and  provided some additional information about the hall.  The clerk had subsequently made an enquiry with DALC and had received a legal topic note in response together with suggestion of a further organisation to contact for further information.  The clerk had advised the correspondent that the matter would be placed on the March agenda as the February agenda had already been finalised.

Resolved:  To circulate initial documentation about trusteeship and to place the item on the March agenda.

Other communication included:  DALC circulars, DDDC Area Forums, DDDC Community Clean up project, PKK Littlejohn Auditors will contact responsible finance officers in February.  The mobile library will visit Biggin on 28th February and 28th March.  The former garage Main Street, 12-12.30 and near the council houses 12.35-1.00 pm, Holocaust Memorial Day, Citizens Advice universal credit.

18.2.14 Items for the next agenda
Defibrillator, Heathcote Mere plinth and panel, tree surgery, grit bins, village hall trusteeship, additional items to be compiled by the clerk.

18.2.15 Date of next meeting
5th March 2018.

Part 2 Confidential Information
There was no confidential information to discuss.

The meeting was declared closed at 9.55 pm.

S Hampson
Hartington Nether Quarter Parish Council

10th February 2018

©Hartington Nether Quarter Parish Council minutes remain draft until approved by the parish council at the next meeting