A meeting of Hartington Nether Quarter Parish Council
was held on Monday 3rd June 2019 at 7.30pm
in Biggin Village Hall

Present:  D Currington (Acting Chair Person) S McCurrach, M Heathcote, S Griffiths, P Tapping and the clerk, S Hampson.  There was one member of the public in attendance.

Part 1 non-confidential information

19.6.1 Apologies
Apologies had been received in advance of the meeting from The Chair Person, J Coles

19.6.2 Declaration of personal/prejudicial interest of councillors
Resolved:  As a nominated candidate for the Dales parish member of Peak District National Park Authority (PDNPA), Mr Tapping declared a personal interest in agenda item 19.6.13 to make representations and leave the meeting during the ballot vote.

19.6.3 Minutes of the previous meeting
The minutes of the previous meeting had been displayed on the noticeboard and forwarded to  and the parish council’s website in advance of the meeting.

Resolved:  To accept the minutes a true record of proceedings (Prop: SMcC, Sec: SG)

19.6.4 Matters arising from pre-meeting
It was reported that the grounds person had responded to the clerk’s request and an urgent repair had been made to the parish council’s shed roof in the parish council cemetery.

Members reported that the mowing of the verges near the Percival Close flats and Waterloo Inn has been inconsistent.  This may be in part due to third parties periodically mowing the areas causing confusion with the parish council’s grounds person.

Resolved:  The clerk to contact the grounds person to instruct that these areas be mown at all times when not mown by another.

Mrs Currington advised that she had planted a replacement tree at the former site of the millennium tree, adjacent to the Pinfold.

19.6.6 Public speaking procedures document
The member of the public in attendance was presented with the document to acquaint herself with procedure.

19.6.7 Public speaking
The member of the public enquired about the progress of the plinth at Heathcote and was advised of a meeting at the quarry regarding the stone scheduled to take place the day after the meeting.  She was also advised that her artwork had been converted into a professional panel to fix to the stone plinth and the original artwork will be framed and placed in the village hall.  An ‘unveiling’ type ceremony will take place in the near future.

Mr Tapping advised that Neighbourhood Watch stickers can be made available to the community but police response time to incidents is often quite poor.  Challenging criminals is not supported.  A Neighbourhood representative could visit Biggin.   A village messenger group could be a possibility.  Gathering and reporting soft intelligence via the 101 system should take place; residents should not assume that any unusual activity is legitimate.

Mr Tapping further reported that the Waterloo Inn will be switching on Christmas lights on 30th November.  Perhaps other residents would like to have lights throughout the village.  The village hall would like a lit Christmas tree and Mr Tapping asked for consideration for payment for this from the Parish Council.  The electricity supply would be courtesy of the village hall.

Resolved:  To place a village Christmas tree on the next agenda.

19.6.7 PCSO update
The PCSO had forwarded information about recent theft of purses at Bakewell from elderly people.  Mr Tapping advised that a future community Speedwatch may take place in the near future.

19.6.8 Heathcote Mere, plinth
See public speaking.  The clerk had readvised members of the minimum distance from the highway for the stone plinth to be placed.

Resolved:  Mrs Currington to update members of the outcome of the quarry meeting at the next council meeting.

19.6.9 Pinfold, gate, tree and information plaque
As reported in matters arising the tree has been planted.  The post for the information plaque remains in place but a new one will be required.  Information prepared by the previous chairman of the parish council is thought to be with the new chairman.  The new gate still requires welding for security.

Resolved:  Mr Griffiths and Mrs Currington to arrange for the welding of the pinfold gate and necessary electricity supply.

Resolved:  to place the item on the next agenda

19.6.10 Defibrillator pads
Mr Griffiths supplied the clerk with the defibrillator pad serial number details.

Resolved:  The clerk to liaise with Mrs Coles regarding an order for replacement pads.

19.6.11 Tree Surgery
Mr Griffiths again reported trees which may cause potential problems next to the new build properties near the village hall; the roots originate on the grass verge.  The land owner of the houses will give permission for any work to be carried out from his side of the trees.  Mr Griffiths further reported that there are some issues with trees on Porridge Lane but he was advised that this is a private lane and not the responsibility of the parish council. The War Memorial trees were also discussed.  A small sum had been placed in this year’s budget calculations for tree surgery in view of recent attendance by the tree surgeon.

Resolved:  The clerk to contact the tree surgeon to view the identified council tree issues and to place the matter on the next agenda.

19.6.12 Highway issues, gateway signs, pavements
Derbyshire Dales District Council (DDDC) personnel had visited Cardlemere Lane to inspect the issues surrounding a caravan sited on the lane.  The occupant of the caravan was not present during the council’s visit.  Photographic evidence was gathered.  A pile of dog faeces was evident.  At present, DDDC is unable to take any action but further visits will be made to monitor the untidy area and waste issues.  DDDC suspects the occupant may be working locally.  DDDC does not own the lane and contact has been made with Peak District National Park Authority (PDNPA) and an enquiry reference has been issued.

Mr Tapping raised an issue with some people struggling to locate the village hall.  He suggested that a direction sign to the village hall could be incorporated into the directional sign adjacent to the bus shelter on Main Street.

Resolved:  The clerk to contact Derbyshire County Council (DCC), Highways Department regarding the additional village hall sign.

DCC had recently visited the pavements in Biggin following the recent letter and photographs received from the parish council for Drury Lane and Main Street.  At the time of inspection, the pavements on Main Street did not meet the criteria for a reactive repair. However, the footway is on the rolling programme for resurfacing this year.  In the meantime, this location will continue to be monitored through DCC’s routine and adhoc highways inspections.  The parish council assumed this applied to pavements on Drury Lane too.

It was reported that a number of people are parking on the pavement in the vicinity of Church View and other areas on Drury Lane.  Obstructing a pavement is an offence.  Having an honesty box at the village hall in exchange for parking on their car park was discussed together with placing an article in the News and Views,

Resolved:  The clerk to submit an article for inclusion in the News and Views to raise awareness of appropriate parking in the village.

Gateway signs incorporating a 30 mph disc were again discussed.  Measurements had previously been taken.  Compliance with official speed restrictions was discussed.

Resolved:  To contact DCC regarding a number of issues connected to placing one set of signs on the approach from the A515 onto Main Street only.

19.6.14 Items of account, salaries, grounds person, HMRC, playground insurance/donation, insurance, new strimmer

Cq 1122 S Hampson Reimb. of expenses £14.11
Cq 1123 S Hampson June Internet provision £10.00
Cq 1124 S Hampson Clerk’s Salary £182.57
Cq 1125 G Tilson Grounds person’s salary £205.74
Cq 1126 Lester Lowe Ltd PPE for grounds person £37.14 VAT £6.19
Cq 1127 Torne Valley New Industrial Strimmer £325.00 incl. VAT

19.6.15 Planning applications, planning sub-committee and appeals
There were no new planning applications

19.6.16 Correspondence and electronic communication
Included:  DALC circulars; street lighting repair acknowledgement; Stab Out and Save cigarette campaign; mobile library routes; crime prevention awareness poster for purse stealing; notification of reimbursement of election expenses; Rural Bulletin.

Mrs McCurrach had advised the clerk of a mole problem at Heathcote in advance of the meeting and as the issue is pest control, the clerk had contacted the pest controller to attend to this.

19.6.17 Items for the next agenda
Heathcote Mere, village entrance signs and pavements, pinfold gate, tree and information plaque, defibrillator pads, new strimmer, tree surgery, PDNPA ballot.  Additional items to be compiled by the clerk.

19.6.18 Date of the next meeting
Monday, 8th July 2019 due to clerk’s annual leave

Part 2 Confidential information

There were no confidential items on the agenda

The meeting was declared closed at 9.25 pm.

Mrs S Hampson
9th June 2019

©Hartington Nether Quarter Parish Council minutes remain draft until approved by the parish council at the next meeting