A meeting of Hartington Nether Quarter Parish Council
was held on Monday, 5th March 2018 at 7.30 pm in Biggin Village Hall.

Present:  J Bonsall, J Brindley, J Coles, D Currington, S McCurrach (part of the meeting) and the clerk, S Hampson.  There were two members of the public in attendance.

Part 1 non-confidential information

18.3.1 Apologies
There were no apologies but Mr Prince was absent from the meeting.

18.3.2 Declaration of personal/prejudicial interest of councilors
There was no need, by any member present at the meeting, to complete an entry in the register.

18.3.3 Minutes of the previous meeting
These were accepted as a true record of proceedings and signed in the meeting by Mrs Bonsall
(Prop JC, Sec JB) with some slight amendments made, including the attendance by Mrs J Brindley at the previous meeting.

18.3.4 Matters arising from pre-meeting
The clerk advised that Derbyshire County Council (DCC) had raised jobs to fix the street lights she had reported after the last meeting.  DCC can no longer supply paper maps indicating the location and names of street lights in given areas.  The clerk had contacted the ranger service regarding a damaged gate between Grange Lane and the Waterloo.  The maintenance of gates and stiles on public rights of way is the responsibility of the landowner however the National Park is able to help keep them in good order as long as they are improving access for the public. The gate is one put in a few years ago by the rangers and they are happy to get in touch with the landowner and replace/repair it.  They have a list of rights of way work but will hopefully get to it in the next month.

18.3.5 Public speaking procedures document
One of the members of the public in attendance was familiar with the above document.

Resolved:  To reorder the agenda at this point in proceedings to allow an employee from Bagshaws (the agent) to provide information regarding pre-application advice and planning proposals from a property and land owner in Biggin.

18.3.6 Planning applications, planning sub-committee, appeals
The agent was in attendance to discuss some proposals by a property and landowner.  The person does not wish to sell any of the properties concerned but is interested in providing schemes for local people but not under the normal open market consent.  Members thought the proposal for the Homestead Barn to be too large for affordable housing and possibly could have been split further to create properties of a smaller occupancy; however, they were advised that two 4 bed properties are considered the best layout option.  Members queried the date of last usage of the building of 2005 as, in their opinion, this could have been nearer to 2012.  Rental figures were not available.   The old depot area at the former Barlow and Hodgkinson site is also being considered for development.

The former POW camp area was also discussed including the possibility of assisted living properties on the site.  Members advised that the site is on quite an exposed site on a slope away from the centre of the village and is not a bus route.  The agent asked if it would be better to consider the history of this site by having single storey buildings on there.  The present buildings could not be used; to date the agent has not received a clear view from Peak District National Park Authority (PDNPA) on this.  Members also suggested the possibility of additional car parking in the village and the possibility of this area being utilised for this.

A former coal merchants and stone crushing site was also discussed together with suggestions of holiday lets, links to the trail such as camping and trail facilities.  Members advised that there were already two caravan sites in the same area.

The developer’s properties will be held in a trust and not sold, therefore, it would seem that affordable houses to purchase will not be achievable.  It was suggested that a public village meeting may be welcome to allow public opinions to be expressed.  This will be put forward to the developer.  The agent will attend future meetings as required.

Resolved:  to support the planning application at the Homestead Barn as it will improve the existing site but request appropriate landscaping because of the views from the trail.  Members would have preferred a more affordable option of smaller units.

Resolved:  The agent to forward a blank plan to enable the parish council members to annotate.

The clerk had contacted PDNPA regarding the dew pond at Newhaven near the Ivy House.  PDNPA had responded with a request to identify the exact location of the pond either on a map or by sending a 12-figure grid reference to look in to the enquiry further.   PDNPA wanted to know if the infilling was recent or had been done for some time (e.g. years).  One member advised that there had not been a pond at the site for some time.

Following the previous meeting, a planning officer from PDNPA had requested further information regarding the reason of the parish council supporting an application at Bank Top Cottage for a small caravan site.  This application will be going before committee with a recommendation for refusal as it is considered to harm the rural character, visibility and wider views across the track; incongruous and detract from the appearance of the landscape.  The amenity block would also have an adverse impact.

18.3.7 Public speaking
Also see item 18.3.7 The member of the public kindly provided additional hard copies of the accounts for Biggin Village Hall.  The member of the public also advised that there could be some strong views on the potential provision of additional car parking referred to above if provided by the developer.  He also advised that some of the information on the parish council’s website needs updating.

Resolved:  the clerk to liaise with the parish council’s website provider to update the website.

18.3.8 Biggin Village Hall
A copy of the recent accounts of Biggin Village Hall had been received to provide further information in relation to a request for the parish council members to consider becoming custodian trustees of the village hall.  Members were also advised of the village hall’s solicitors and some details about the building and land.

The provision of a village hall fulfils one of the powers conferred on a local council under section 133 Local Government Act 1972 (Provision of parish and community buildings).  Under section 139(1) (b) of the 1972 Act, a local council can act as the custodian trustee of a village hall because it benefits all or some of the people living in its area.  If a council is the custodian trustee of a village hall, used for charitable purposes, ownership of the hall is vested in the council.  The council has no legal role in the management of a village hall but it is subject to decisions concerning legal title to the hall which are made by the body or committee of trustees that manage the hall.  A local council, whether it is a custodian trustee of a village hall charity or not, is often entitled, under the charitable trust deed or other governing document which established the charity, to nominate the persons to the committee of trustees that manages the village hall along with other legal organisations.

The clerk had also spoken to Rural Action Derbyshire staff for further advice and had been advised that the Charity Commission can also act as custodian trustees but would obviously have no connection to the parish.  The member of the public expressed some concern regarding the Charity Commission acting as holding trustee.  If the parish council acted as custodian trustees this would be the council as a body and not the individual council members.  Rural Action Derbyshire charge up to £10 for each of their advisory documentation.  Contact with former trustees who live abroad would seem to be a sensible step by the Village Hall Committee.

Resolved:  To place the item on future agendas.

18.3.9 Defibrillator
As agreed at the previous meeting, Mrs McCurrach had attended a recent meeting at the village primary school and had taken a request from the parish council for consideration at this meeting regarding the possibility of installing the community defibrillator outside the primary school.  Mrs McCurrach reported that the school will look favourably upon a formal request from the parish council to relocate the defibrillator to the school but certain safeguarding checks will have to be made prior to officially granting permission.  Mrs McCurrach had advised the school that installation and future electrical costs would be met by the parish council in addition to arrangements being made to carry out regular safety checks on the defibrillator.  Concern was expressed that the existing free and regular safety checks made on the defibrillator in its present location may cease once relocated and alternative arrangements will have to be made.  Charges may also be incurred by the parish council to ensure the defibrillator receives regular safety checks.

It was also reported that the village hall committee members are disappointed that concerns about possible vandalism to the defibrillator has been considered if the defibrillator was moved outside the village hall.

BT had asked the clerk about adopting the kiosk at Pikehall following a previous enquiry.  The clerk had advised that a resident from Pikehall had pursued this in connection with the installation of a defibrillator inside the kiosk.  BT had subsequently confirmed that this purchase had not taken place by the Pikehall resident.

Resolved:  The clerk to contact the Pikehall resident to ascertain the current position regarding the telephone kiosk.

Resolved:  The clerk to write to the Headteacher at Biggin Primary School with a formal request to relocate the community defibrillator to the school in the near future.

18.3.10 Heathcote Mere plinth and interpretation panel
The clerk had contacted the Peak District National Park Authority (PDNPA) to ascertain if there were any outstanding fees to be paid from work carried out by a previous employee of PDNPA prior to her working freelance.  It was confirmed that there are no debts outstanding.  In addition, it was confirmed that at this moment in time, the previous employee has not been replaced but may be in the future.

The clerk had subsequently liaised with the freelance worker regarding her costs which exceed the financial limit for one quote.  She had advised that she would reduce her costs.

Resolved:  To instruct the person who has carried out work to date on the interpretation panel if her costs are less than £500.

18.3.11 Grit bins
The clerk had written to Derbyshire County Council (DCC) to request the installation of a new grit bin next to the bus shelter on Main Street.  The Highway Inspector has checked the suggested location and confirmed that this site would be acceptable for a grit bin.  As this route is on a primary gritting route, it would not meet DCC’s criteria for a free grit bin.  The clerk was aware of this.

DCC advised that if the Parish Council wished to purchase a bin for this location, the cost for DCC to supply and install a grit bin inclusive of salt is currently £361.49 per bin.  Written confirmation is required if the Parish Council wished to purchase a bin for this site.  DCC had advised that some free grit would be available if a snow warden could be found for the village.

Resolved:  To purchase a new grit bin at this location based on the cost above.

Resolved:  The clerk to place an article in the next News and Views regarding the possibility of someone becoming a snow warden for the village.

18.3.12 Items of account, salaries, grounds person, HMRC

Cq 1022 S Hampson Internet Provision £10.00
Cq 1023 S Hampson Reimbursement of expenses £6.54
Cq 1024 S Hampson March Net Salary £179.19
Cq 1025 G Tilson March Net Salary £96.63
Cq 1026 Shelter Maintenance Bus Shelter Cleaning £20.40+VAT £3.40
Cq 1027 HMRC Quarter 4 Income Tax £207.00

Bus shelter cleaning
From 1st April 2018 the bus shelter cleaning prices will increase to £8.75 per shelter plus VAT.  This is only a small increase of 25 p per shelter and there has been no price increase for 2 years.

18.3.13 Correspondence and Communication
Following the clerk’s letter regarding water collection and recent accidents at Washmere corner the Highway Inspector has raised a job 50018069 to construct a new soakaway in this location; however, this work will be carried out when funding is available.

The Street Naming and Numbering Officer had contacted the clerk as it had been brought to her attention that there is a street nameplate at the junction of Main Road and Drury Lane, Biggin that indicates the road is known as Main Street whilst they hold the street name as Main Road.  She noted that Ordnance Survey also have it as Main Street plus this nameplate has been there at least since 2009 and not been queried before.  She asked that the parish council clarify whether the road is known locally as Main Road or Main Street?  The clerk had advised that she thought it was locally known as Main Street but would clarify this at the meeting.

Resolved:  To clarify that the area is known as Main Street.

The local police have asked that the parish council please spread the word asking people to be vigilant as there has been an increase in lead thefts from churches again.  If any one sees anything suspicious, please call it in via 101.

The clerk had contacted the licensing authority regarding the food van on the Newhaven layby.  The layby to is not located in a street that would require a street trading consent or in a street where trading is prohibited.  The District Council’s Street Trading Policy only regulates street trading on those streets that have been specified in the Order as Consent Streets or Prohibited Streets,

The clerk had been instructed after the previous meeting to contact several residents in Heathcote regarding data protection issues.  These residents had not given permission for their email addresses to be used in this way.  Several further emails had been received from one Heathcote resident of an equally unpleasant nature.

It was reported that one of the housing association flats has now been let to a young couple recognising some changes in letting policy related to age.

18.3.13 Items for the next agenda
Defibrillator, Heathcote Mere plinth and panel, tree surgery, grit bins and snow warden, village hall trusteeship, additional items to be compiled by the clerk.

18.3.14 Date of next meeting
9th April 2018 due to the first Monday in April being Easter Monday.

Part 2 Confidential Information
There was no confidential information to discuss.

The meeting was declared closed at 9.45 pm.

S Hampson, Clerk,
Hartington Nether Quarter Parish Council
10th March 2018

©Hartington Nether Quarter Parish Council minutes remain draft until approved by the parish council at the next meeting