The Annual Meeting of Hartington Nether Quarter Parish Council
was held on Monday, 14th May 2018 at 7.15 pm
at Biggin Village Hall

Present:  J Bonsall, D Currington, D Prince, S McCurrach (Part of the meeting) and the clerk,

S Hampson.  There were three members of the public in attendance.

Part 1 non-confidential information

18.5.1 Election of Chairman, Vice-Chairman and councillors’ acceptance of office

Resolved:  Chairman for the year 2018-19 to be Mrs J Bonsall (Prop DP, Sec DC)

Resolved:  Vice-chairman for the year 2018-19 to be Mrs D Currington (Prop DP, Sec JB)

Members present duly completed their acceptance of office forms before the proper office of the parish council, Mrs Hampson.

18.5.2 Apologies
Apologies had been received in advance of the meeting from J Brindley and J Coles.

18.5.3 Minutes of the previous meeting
The minutes of the previous ordinary meeting were accepted as a true record of proceedings and signed in the meeting by Mrs Bonsall.  (Prop DC, Sec DP)

18.5.4 Matters arising from pre-meeting
The clerk advised that the bridge recently damaged on Main Street falls under the jurisdiction of the Peak District National Park Authority (PDNPA) who had made an inspection and confirmed the bridge as safe.  Reports had been received of vegetation being cleared from the vicinity of this bridge and from part of the Tissington Trail.  This matter has been brought to the attention of PDNPA.  The grounds person had advised a councillor not in attendance of a potential risk to the cemetery shed from large pieces of wood previously used in connection with grave digging.

Resolved:  To ask the councillor’s husband to remove the wood causing the hazard from the shed.

The grounds person had also advised that he will be using his own mowing equipment from now on and that one of the parish council’s mowers could be scrapped and one could potentially be capable of being sold if serviced.

Resolved:  to discuss this at a future meeting along with a disposal of assets.

18.5.5 Update of members’ interest documents
Each member present updated the register of member’s interest document.

18.5.6 Public speaking procedures document
The members of the public in attendance were familiar with the above document.

18.5.7 Public speaking
Members of the public raised ongoing issues with some of the village pavements which have been previously reported by the clerk.  Derbyshire County Council (DCC) has previously advised that there are no actionable defects.  These areas included damage in front of 48 Drury Lane, Biggin and difficulties for disabled people and parents with prams.  Mrs Bonsall also reported damage to the pavement opposite the old Homestead and a blocked drain below the public house.  A number of street lights are still not working or are permanently on.  These lights have also been reported to DCC on a number of occasions. Mrs Bonsall advised that she is presently drawing up a plan of all the street lights and numbers to assist with further reporting.  Dales Housing is no longer mowing the grass verge in front of the flats on Main Street and this is now beginning to look unsightly.  The grass verges are part of the grounds person’s contract.

Resolved:  The clerk to report street lights yet again.

Resolved:  The clerk to contact the grounds person regarding the grass verges in front of the flats.

18.5.8 Updates from PCSO
The clerk had contacted the PCSO following reports of vehicles speeding through the village.  The PCSO would like to know of times when this is occurring.  To complete an application for the CREST enforcement vehicle to attend would involve an assessment of locations and statistics would have to be considered; however, it may be possible for the residents to consider taking part in a Community Speed Watch involving the use of hand held radar guns.  Follow up letters would then be sent to anyone found to be driving at excessing speed.  Advisory signs would be placed to warn motorists of the event.  Concerns were expressed by council members of possible reprisals if they were to become involved in a Community Speed Watch event.

18.5.9 New cemetery fees
New fees had been prepared by the clerk in line with those of Derbyshire Dales District Council (DDDC).

Resolved:  to bring the new fees in to immediate effect.

18.5.10 Accounts for the year ended 31st March 2018 and annual internal and external audit process
The clerk and Responsible Finance Officer (RFO) had prepared the accounts and audit documents for the year ending 31st March 2018.  These documents had also undergone the internal audit process and there were no matters to bring before the council.

Resolved: a)  to approve the annual governance statement.  This was signed by J Bonsall and the RFO

Resolved: b)  to approve the accounting statement for 2017/18.  This was signed by J Bonsall and the RFO.

18.5.11 Heathcote Mere Plinth
The clerk had arranged a meeting between some members of the parish council, the artist and a professional leading the arrangements for the interpretation panel proposed at Heathcote Mere.  Members reported that the art work for the panel is exceptional and the artist has reported that she will not charge for this and would like to donate the painting to the village.  Members were extremely grateful for this very generous offer.  The art work will now be taken to the designer to incorporate into the panel.  It was clarified that acknowledgements for both Longcliffe Quarry and Derbyshire County Council (DCC) will be incorporated for their donation of the stone and £500 grant, respectively.  It will cost approximately £900 to produce two identical copies of the panel.  A proof will be sent to the clerk.

Resolved:  to send a letter of thanks to the artist for her hard work and generosity.

A banner will be produced to incorporate all of the beautiful pictures produced by the school children.

Resolved:  to arrange for an official presentation occasion to mark the production of the banner and the plinth and all people involved to be invited.

Resolved:  to place the plinth and interpretation panel on the parish council’s insurance schedule immediately prior to it being put in place.

Mrs Coles had advised that there was a damaged slab on one of the seats at Heathcote and her husband will kindly make this safe.

18.4.13 Defibrillator
A letter had been received from the primary school confirming that the Finance Committee of the governing body had approved the relocation of the defibrillator to the school; however, the letter stated that approval would be further required from the full governing body.  Mrs McCurrach reported that she believed this request had already been reported to this committee.

Resolved:  Mrs McCurrach to take the matter back to the governors/school.

18.5.14 GDPR and Consent
The clerk provided some important information regarding data protection changes due to come into force on 25th May 2018.  She informed members of the key reasons and principles to strengthen the rights of individuals and to prevent organisations misusing personal data.

18.5.15 Biggin Village Hall
The chairman of the village hall committee advised that he had liaised with Rural Action Derbyshire again regarding changing the trustees.

Resolved:  to continue to place the item on future agendas.

18.5.16 Items of account, salaries, grounds person, HMRC, playground insurance donation, insurance

Cq 1033 Biggin Village Hall Meeting Hire for 2017-2018 £100.00
Cq 1034 S Hampton May internet provision £10.00
Cq 1035 S Hampson Annual premises allowance £216.00
Cq 1036 S Hampson May salary pay award £185.75
Cq 1037 S Hampson Reimbursement of expenses £13.24
Cq 1038 G Tilson May grounds person’s salary £96.63
Cq 1039 Biggin Community Project ’97 Playground insurance donation £500.00 Section 137
Cq 1040 Zurich Municipal Insurance 2018-2019 £282.80
Cq 1041 B Wood Internal Audit £32.20

Resolved:  *to award the clerk the national pay award backdated to 1st April 2018.

18.5.17 Planning applications, planning sub-committee and appeals
Members considered an application for affordable houses at Heathcote.  Plans had been granted for Biggin Primary School.

18.5.18 Correspondence and Communication
Included:  £1.6 million reduction in library services, DDDC area forums, volunteer kindly offered to check defibrillator, update on Tissington Trail bridge.  Complaint from Heathcote resident regarding a caravan site in Heathcote concerning the number of caravans on the site.  Mrs Currington discussed the possibility of a band to play within the parish.  The clerk explained the previous use of a Derbyshire Dales initiative used for parish band concerts but unfortunately, the scheme is no longer in existence.

Resolved:  the clerk to contact PDNPA regarding the caravan site in question at Heathcote to see if the site is being monitored and adhering to the planning permission.

18.5.19 Items for the next agenda
Defibrillator, Heathcote Mere plinth and removal of plaques, tree surgery, village hall trusteeship, Eroica, village band concert, community speed watch, village entrances, update of policies,  additional items to be compiled by the clerk.

18.5.20 Date of next meeting
4th June 2018

Part 2 Confidential Information
There was no confidential information to discuss.

The meeting was declared closed at 8.20 pm.

S Hampson
Hartington Nether Quarter Parish Council

17th May 2018
©Hartington Nether Quarter Parish Council minutes remain draft until approved by the parish council at the next meeting