A meeting of Hartington Nether Quarter Parish Council
was held on Monday, 4th November 2019 at 7.30pm
in Biggin Village Hall

Present:  J Coles, D Currington, S McCurrach, S Griffiths, P Tapping and the clerk, S Hampson.  There were three members of the public in attendance for part of the meeting.

Part 1 non-confidential information

19.11.1 Apologies
There were no apologies.  Mr Heathcote was absent.

19.11.2 Declaration of personal/prejudicial interest of councillors
There was no need, by any member present, to declare an interest in any of the agenda items.

19.11.3 Minutes of the previous meeting
The minutes of the previous meeting had been displayed on the noticeboard and forwarded to the members and the parish council’s website in advance of the meeting.

Resolved:  To accept the minutes as a true record of proceedings (Prop: PT, Sec: DC)

19.11.4 Matters arising from pre-meeting
Mr Griffiths advised members of an update he had received at a recent defibrillator training event to register defibrillators with the ambulance service to enable analysis to take place after an incident.

Resolved:  The clerk to contact the local First Responders about the registration.

It was reported that the Greenhead Crescent grit bin is full to the top. The snow warden may be able to top the grit bins up with any spare grit not used for gritting pavements.

19.11.5 Public speaking procedures document
The members of the public in attendance were familiar with this procedural document.

19.11.6 Public speaking
One member of the public was concerned about reports of an accident on Porridge/Parwich Lane. Ownership or responsibility for the lane has not been established but its surface remains poor.  Walls have been rebuilt.  No further signs are present.

19.11.7 PCSO update

It was reported that the PCSO would not be able to attend the Remembrance Day service.

19.11.8 Heathcote Mere, interpretation panel
The sign company who had produced the interpretation panel had responded to the clerk agreeing to replace the damaged panel free of charge, Details of the measurements for fixing had been forwarded by Mr Tapping and subsequently by the clerk to the company.  The damaged panel will have to be returned to the company.  It was reported that a new sign had been delivered but the damaged one had not been collected.  There was no update about the framing of the original artwork.

19.11.9 Remembrance Day Service and road closures
Official road closures had been requested by the clerk; advertising posters had been received and delivered to Mrs McCurrach.

Resolved:  Mrs McCurrach to be assisted by other members to serve refreshments after the service.  Mr Tapping to assist with the tables.

19.11.10 VE Day
Friday, 8th May 2020 will be a bank holiday to mark the 75th anniversary.  A lot of bunting is available for use on this day.

Resolved:  To liaise with the landlord of the Waterloo to establish their arrangements along with other committees.

19.11.11 Tree Surgery
This will take place before early December.

19.11.12 Highway issues and Porridge/Parwich Lane
New speed limit signs are not yet in place.  Road repairs in the vicinity of the bridge on Main Street are already beginning to sink.  The repairs were made following the laying of electricity cables.  An accident recently occurred as a consequence of flooding in the ‘dip’ at Pikehall. Mr Griffiths suggested that a mirror would aid vision at Dampy’s Pinch.

Resolved:  to contact Highways Hub regarding the sinking road, the flood at Pikehall and to request the installation of a mirror at Dampy’s Pinch/Hardings Lane.

19.11.13 Gateway entrance signs
The clerk had again contacted DCC Highways Department about alternative, more attractive village signs but a response had not been received in time for the meeting.

19.11.14 Village Christmas Tree and lights
The lights for the Christmas tree had been sent for but had not arrived by the time of the meeting. The electricity supply will originate from Biggin Village Hall.  Mr Tapping advised that the tree will arrive on 23rd November.

Resolved:  Biggin Village Hall to undertake the risk assessment to cover the duration of the Christmas tree in the Pinfold.

19.11.15 Police Commissioner Event
The clerk had contacted the PCSO who had advised about the previous visit by the police commissioner; a response had been received regarding the possibility of a second visit by the Police Commissioner but not until 2020.  Regular booking nights at the village hall were given.

Resolved:  the clerk to request dates early in 2020 to enable the hall availability to be checked and a meeting to be arranged

19.11.16 Peak Park Parishes Forum
Mr Tapping provided some information about the Peak Park Parishes Forum which may suggest that the Peak District National Park Authority (PDNPA) listen to responses from groups via this forum.  The forum meets four times each year.  New parish councils joining the forum could change their dynamics, The annual subscription cost is £12 per year.

Resolved:  To join the Peak Park Parish Forum for a year.

19.11.17 Items of account, salaries, grounds person, HMRC

Cq 1147 M Wright Transport of Plinth to Heathcote £360.00
Cq 1150 G Tilson Reimb. of expenses £103.01
Cq 1156 Festive Lights Christmas Tree Lights £98.98 (VAT £16.50)
Cq 1157 S Hampson Reimb. of expenses £12.16
Cq 1158 S Hampson Nov. internet provision £10.00
Cq 1159 S Hampson Clerk’s salary £182.57

An additional inscription fee had been received for the cemetery £53

19.11.18 Planning applications, planning sub-committee and appeals
The planning inspector concerned with the proposal supported at the last meeting for Aspindle House had requested planning reasons to support the council’s decision. A new planning proposal had been received for the conversion of a barn at Heathcote Grange to two holiday cottages and ancillary accommodation. An appeal is in process for the proposed caravan site at the Jug and Glass.  The application for three holiday units at The Homestead at the former haulage yard was scheduled to go before a planning meeting on 6th November.  It was reported that more plans be received

Resolved:  to support the application at Heathcote Grange as it represents farm diversity and good use of a redundant barn with minimal exterior alterations; however, there could be an increase in traffic.

Resolved:  not to make further representations to the appeal for the Jug and Glass caravan site.

19.11.19 Correspondence and electronic communication
Correspondence details had been forwarded to members in advance of the meeting and included:  DALC circulars, Rural Services Bulletin, DDDC decommissioned BT phone box, extreme wheels, electronic register of interests returned for members, DCC winter scheme, parish statements.

Resolved:  the clerk to register interest with DDDC in retaining the decommissioned BT phone box.

Resolved:  parish statements will be viewed and commented on by members.

19.11.20 Items for the next agenda
Heathcote Mere interpretation panel and plinth, tree surgery, Christmas tree, Remembrance Day Service, snow warden and grit bins, village signs, police commissioner event, mowing contract, budget items for precept. Additional items to be compiled by the clerk.

19.11.21 Date of the next meeting
Monday, 2nd December 2019.  The parish council does not meet in January.

Part 2 Confidential information

19.11.22 Heathcote Mere Plinth
The contractor who had delivered the stone from the quarry to the mere supplied a written quote to reposition the stone.  Mrs Currington provided a cheaper verbal quote from a local builder to carry out the same work.

Resolved:  Mrs Currington to request the verbal quote to be put in writing before the next meeting.

19.11.23 Mowing contract
The employed grounds person had tendered his resignation since the October parish council meeting but only just before the November meeting.  This meant that a new tender had not been prepared in advance of the meeting.  Members discussed the essential requirements and considered some suitable people to approach plus and advert in the News and Views. Consideration could also be given to the maintenance aspects such as the seats, shed and noticeboard being a separate task.  The noticeboard should have been stained this season but this has not happened.

Resolved:  The clerk to prepare a contract for the December meeting and to check the next submission date for News and Views.

The meeting was declared closed at 9.45 pm

Mrs S Hampson
10th November 2019
©Hartington Nether Quarter Parish Council minutes remain draft until approved by the parish council at the next meeting