A meeting of Hartington Nether Quarter Parish Council
was held on Monday, 1st October 2018 at 7.30pm in Biggin Village Hall.

Present:  J Bonsall, J Brindley, J Coles, D Prince, D Currington and the clerk, S Hampson.  There were four members of the public in attendance for part of the meeting.

Part 1 non-confidential information

18.10.1 Apologies
Mrs S McCurrach had forwarded her apologies in advance of the meeting.

18.10.2 Declaration of personal/prejudicial interest of councillors
There was no need, by any member present, to complete an entry in the register

18.10.3 Minutes of the previous meeting
The minutes of the previous meeting had been displayed on the noticeboard, the website and forwarded to councillors in advance of the meeting.

Resolved:  To accept the minutes a true record of proceedings (Prop JBr Sec JB)

18.10.4 Matters arising from pre-meeting
There were no matters arising; items covered by the agenda items.

18.10.5 Public speaking procedures document
The members of the public in attendance were familiar with the document.

18.10.6 Public speaking
There were no matters raised during this section.

18.10.7 PCSO and Community Speed Watch
The clerk had been advised in advance of the meeting that there are now two volunteers who are now prepared to conduct a Community Speed Watch in Biggin.  The PCSO has liaised with one of the participants regarding this.

The PCSO had advised the clerk that some arrests have been made in connection with burglaries/thefts on the A515. From the previous minutes, the PCSO advised that regular patrols will take Cardlemere Lane in to consideration.  It was reported that police have spoken with a gentleman on Cardlemere Lane but the person in question continues to move his vehicle further up the lane.

18.10.8 Biggin Village Hall Trusteeship
The clerk had received an email from the expert in this field at Rural Action Derbyshire (RAD).  Any further communication between the parish council and RAD would now attract a fee.  Advisory publications cost £12 each.  The clerk had also contacted the Derbyshire Association of Local Councils (DALC) regarding the matter and had found a legal topic and local government act which would permit the parish council to act as Custodian Trustee; however, there remains some questions about registration of some parts of the land concerned including boundaries.  Land registry costs could be expensive.  DALC advised that the village hall should meet such costs.  DALC further advised using a local firm of solicitors should the matter proceed.

Resolved:  To place the matter on future agendas.

18.10.9 Village entrances and signs
The clerk had contacted Peak District National Park Authority (PDNPA) and Derbyshire County Council (DCC) Highways regarding the possible erection of gateway type village entrances which may not comply with current traffic regulations.  PDNPA had responded to advise that planning permission would not be required for such signs.

DCC had forwarded an application for a licence to site an amenity object in the public highway in Biggin which the clerk had completed.  The site and style of object will be considered by DCC.

Mrs Bonsall reported a broken black and white bollard on the entrance to the village below the Waterloo Inn.  She further reported that the Percival Close name sign obscures vision in its present location.

Resolved:  The clerk to contact DCC to request that the sign be repositioned back against the wall to enable motorists to emerge more safely from the flats.

Resolved:  The clerk to report the damaged bollard to DCC.

18.10.10 Defibrillator
No further information had been received regarding the proposed installation of a defibrillator at Pikehall. A list of people trained to use the defibrillator in Biggin was revisited as some people have now left the are.  Other trained people may have moved in to the area too.  A final list needs to be laminated.

Resolved:  To place an article in the News and Views seeking information on any new members of the community who may be trained in the use of a defibrillator and willing to have their name publicised.

18.10.11 Heathcote Mere, plinth and interpretation panel, Heathcote Mere seats and signs
Invoices for the two professionals involved with the design of the panel had been paid.  The mere has improved considerably following recent rainfall.  A date to meet at Longcliffe was agreed for 16th October.  This meeting would enable a suitable stone to be selected.

18.10.12 Trees
The clerk had contacted DCC regarding the removal of self-set trees on Grange Lane, Dampy’s Pinch and Hardings Lane/Gap.  DCC had requested a map but the clerk had provided further details to identify the location.

The tree surgeon had advised the clerk that he had made a reference to further reducing the height of trees at the War Memorial but advised that this was after the recovery from the present tree surgery work and birds had re-orientated themselves.  Any further work at the War Memorial was not included in the previous contract and would therefore, incur further costs.

No further information had been received regarding the person responsible for damage to the trees on Porridge Lane.

18.10.13 Pinfold
Members discussed the possibility of replacing the gate as this is in a poor condition.  Weeds need to be removed from the floor of the Pinfold.

Resolved:  Mrs Currington and Mrs Coles to obtain measurements for a replacement gate to enable the clerk to obtain a price from a local merchant.  Item to be placed on the next agenda.

18.10.14 Highway issues
It was reported that employees of a local contractor have been seen speeding through the village and stone has also been dropped on to the highway.

Resolved:  The clerk to contact the contractor concerned to report the alleged inappropriate behaviour of some of his employees.

An acknowledgement had been received from the County Councillor regarding DCC’s dismissal of an enquiry about 30 mph repeater signs.

18.10.15 Items of account, salaries, grounds person, HMRC
The clerk had completed necessary documentation to enable the parish council to be considered exempt from audit charges due to the income and receipt being less than £25,000 during the year ending 31.3.18.

Cq 1068 S Hampson October Internet Provision £10.00
Cq 1069 S Hampson October net Salary £182.57
Cq 1070 G Tilson October salary £96.83
Cq 1071 S Hampson Reimbursement of Expenses £11.64

18.10.16 Planning applications, planning sub-committee and appeals
New applications had been received for a detached garage at Sycamore House and the removal and variation of a condition on a previous application at the site to include a chimney. Members were unsure of a reference to ex-tree on the plan.  Members were concerned with the disappearance of some mature trees within the parish.

Members also queried the developments at Bank Top Cottage on the A515.

Resolved:  To support the application for the garage at Sycamore House but to point out that the substantial trees on this site should not be removed as they are vital to the visual impact of the garage.

Resolved:  The clerk to contact PDNPA regarding developments at Bank Top Cottage.

18.10.17 Correspondence and communication
Correspondence included:  DALC circulars 12 and 13, beacon lighting safety, Aviva community fund, British Silent Soldier campaign, potential council tax rises to address long term empty properties, DALC AGM, Stoptober, DCC small grants, scam mail from the Post Office.  It was also reported that some outside post boxes are being emptied for identification details.

Resolved:  The clerk to arrange for a temporary road closure at the War Memorial on

11th November 2018 between 3.00-4.00 pm.    A wreath will be laid by a parish council member to commemorate the 100 years centenary. The clerk to approach the landlord of the Royal British Legion regarding sourcing a wreath.

It was also reported that the primary school children had recently been walking along the trail.  Dog fouling is an issue on the trail; there are no waste bins in place.  The children’s shoes had unfortunately become soiled.

Resolved:  the clerk to contact PDNPA regarding dog fouling on the Tissington Trail.

18.10.18 Items for the next agenda
Heathcote Mere, defibrillator, village entrances, Village Hall Trusteeship, pinfold, disposal of assets, dog fouling.  Additional items to be compiled by the clerk.

18.10.19 Date of the next meeting

Monday, 5th November 2018

Part 2 Confidential information
The member of the public left the meeting

18.9.19 Review of grounds person’s salary and contract
Subsequent to the previous meeting, the grounds person had advised the clerk of costs involved to incorporate additional mowing areas in to the employee’s contract.  Members discussed additional items to be incorporated into the mowing contract; additional areas per month for 7 months of the year and the grounds person using his own mower and fuel. Members also discussed maintenance items including the seats in Biggin and Heathcote Mere and the village noticeboard.  Strimming around the village gateways signs and speed restriction signs were also discussed for inclusion within the contract.

Resolved: To increase the mowing contract to £1,800 per annum with effect from 1st April 2019 to include the above additions; to make an additional payment for additional mowing carried out in 2018 and to place the item on the next agenda.

Resolved:  to make a payment for the additional mowing carried out during 2018.

The meeting was declared closed at 9.40pm

Mrs S Hampson
7th October 2018

©Hartington Nether Quarter Parish Council minutes remain draft until approved by the parish council at the next meeting